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Browser Detection and Response

Disrupt Today's Most Potent Threats with New Capabilities in the Web Browser

Open Source

The Weaklayer Sensor and the Weaklayer Gateway reference implementation are released under OSI* approved licenses. Get started using production-quality software without commitment.

Complete Data Control

Weaklayer only sends data to destinations you configure. Self-hosting the Weaklayer stack gives you complete control and assures the privacy of your data.


Gain New Capabilities

Weaklayer provides unprecedented visibility into the web browser. This enables security staff to efficiently investigate and disrupt today's most potent threats.


Implement New Controls

Weaklayer gives you the visibility required to implement controls that were previously impossible.


Secure Deployment

Your web browser heavily sandboxes the Weaklayer Sensor. This largely eliminates the additional attack surface normally associated with deploying a new tool.


Performant Experience

The Weaklayer Sensor is a lightweight browser extension. You gain new capabilities without sacrificing endpoint performance.